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This Month January 2017 - Saturday, 31 Dec 2016

The team at Moors Meadow Garden would like to wish you a very happy healthy 2017.

I m sure there were no witnesses to us saying we were not going to plant more bulbs however being weak willed we just could not resist and it was only a few hundred. Most of them were ones we already have but wished to also plant in other areas. New additions included some Tulips and Lilies for the big herbaceous bed, Erythronium Kondo for amongst the Hellebores under the Damsons and some Alliums for various places.

We have been giving an extra big prune to some areas of shrubs to tidy the plants which were looking a little ragged and to add new planting of small trees and shrubs with an under planting of bulbs. I hadn’t planned to revamp some of these areas as at a glance they looked fine as they were but on closer inspection at pruning time to me they looked in need of a little more attention. There is one more area I may attack with more than the usual snipping, it is a group of Fir trees with lower branches extending to a path in a way that being cut back would just leave no green so I think I will take these branches off completely and do some under planting. The decision of what to plant will give the brain cells a work out as when the weather is dry the area is very dry and when we have a wet spell the ground is sometimes under water.

I am trying to crack on with the pruning and hope to get the bulk of it done before the end of January, wishful thinking. I admit to aching shoulders from use of the very long arm loppers on the apple trees, my time with my wrist in plaster weakened the muscles and will take a while to build up again. I was quite pleased to spend 25th December working, it was a bit breezy but dry and warm and I do not do the over-eating and drinking then sitting comatose in an armchair. I did notice that the Chimonanthus is covered in sweetly scented flowers this year whereas the last few years it had not flowered very well. I have also had company of Siskins whilst I have been pruning and several Long-tailed Tits and Wrens as well as the usual Robins.

There are also a few winter mending jobs to do but I am hoping I can get help from an odd job boy to do those as I doubt I will get the time or energy.

It is all change in the Smithy as we are saying goodbye to Josh who is moving on, he has been with us several years and we have enjoyed watching him create some lovely sculptures, we wish him and his family well. We will be welcoming Joel Black who crafts very good chefs knives and hope he will be happy working here in the smithy at Moors Meadow.

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