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This Month December 2014 - Monday, 01 Dec 2014

    I feel like it is swings and roundabouts in the garden at the moment in the way that one moment I think I am getting the pruning done quickly and will have spare time to do extra jobs but the next moment I feel there is so much left to prune that I will never get through it all. The problem is that I always got giddy on fairground rides!

Today seemed a slow day and I only managed to finish a small area, I wasn’t idling the time away but the plants were ones which take a lot of time to prune unlike some which only take a twinkling of an eye. The snowdrops are showing in some areas so I am trying to tread lightly and quickly. There are also Daffodils and Leucojum above ground as well as Camellias and Rhododendrons in flower.

We have removed two apple trees, one which has died and another which was on its last legs. There is now quite a large space where, in recent years, other fruit trees have died (old age) and I am debating whether to plant Quercus velutina (Black Oak), it has leaves of 12ins (30cm) which are very striking in Autumn. Although the area is the Spring Garden the oak is deciduous and so will not cast too much shade over the spring flowers and it will add colour later in the year.

I do not recall a time when I did not need a coat in December which is just as well as my winter work coat is getting a little Fred Bear. It does mean I can work faster without a lot of clobber on which is just as well as it drops dark so early that after about 3.30pm it is difficult to see to prune. It also doesn’t help when my best secateurs falls apart, the screw thread has worn from over-use. I did find another of the same make which used to be my dads but that is also broken and cannot be fixed so easily so I will use that set for spares to mend mine.

I must find time to take some photos to update my gallery but at the moment it is non-stop pruning while it is light and I don’t want to take time out to do other things.

I haven’t even thought about a plant of the month but I find it not so easy to choose as there are so many in flower which never used to be at this time of year.

I am so pleased to be organic as, yet again, another chemical which for years we have been told is safe to use is now proven to be deadly. I refer to Roundup, a chemical so much used by both farmers and gardeners. I never could understand why people would want to put poisons on the land anyway, there is no need for any of them and humans, wildlife and the environment would be far more healthy without.

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