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This Month July 2015 - Tuesday, 30 Jun 2015

I almost feel that for the sake of some of the plants I ought to think about doing a rain dance, in the veg garden the peas are flourishing and you could hide a baby elephant amongst the broad beans but the squash are very pitiful specimens.

I am trying to pace myself a lot at the moment as I have toothache in my knee due to overwork however I am not totally idle and have been trying to give everywhere a good weed. The Rhododendron glade has had particular attention along with some new shade-loving perennials amongst the shrubs.

Cornus Norman Haddon is looking splendid and I expect it will get a lot of comments, but there are many other shrubs in flower such as Styrax japonicas (Japanese Snowbell) and Leicesteria crocothyros which is Golden Leycesteria discovered in Assam in 1928. Some areas of herbaceous plants look very blue even though we do not design colour themed beds. The Orchids are slowly spreading and in flower now and so too are the Martagon Lilies, the Dranunculus vulgaris will open in early July whilst all around the garden the Foxgloves are definitely something to look up to.

I have just had lunch on the terrace and noticed a tall Sophora in flower, there are many tall trees and climbers of which the flowers are not very visible when you are near the plants without constantly getting a crick in the neck.

I have decided to try a Cestrum parqui (Willow-leaved Jessamine) which is a suckering shrub native to Chile with dense clusters of yellow-green night scented tubular flowers. I am undecided where to plant it as it likes sun and may not cope with the degree of frosts we get. A perennial I will try in light shade is Gentiana asclepiadea (Willow Gentian) which has rich violet-blue flowers in early autumn. New tree on the block is Fagus sylvatica Aurea Pendula (Weeping Yellow Beech).

The work now is mostly weeding, cutting back herbaceous perennials which have finished flowering and a little pruning to ensure some of the paths do not get overgrown. I am reducing the strimming so the grass in a few area will be slightly taller than previous years yet in other areas the grass is getting less as the Yellow Rattle increases.

I noticed a squirrel in the fruit cage so had to do a quick fixing job with a bit of string to tie the holes in the soft netting.

I am relieved that the young Swallows will fly the nest any day soon as I don’t like disturbing them when I go into the shed they are nesting in and the Flycatchers in another shed have now flown the nest.

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