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This Month February 2016 - Friday, 29 Jan 2016

It has been a very busy time in the garden, when isn’t it! I am very pleased to finish the winter pruning which has taken longer than I hoped as other jobs grab my attention. I have also had to do a lot of the clearing away after myself as my gardener felt the need to reduce her hours and has now left due to ill health. I am hoping I will be able to gallop through the late winter/early spring pruning quickly.

At present I am working on the Grass Garden but not for too long on any one day for the sake of my back, some of the grasses are shooting so I would like to finish the job as promptly as possible. I do have an Arunda donax to plant out, it is tall therefore will be planted near the back where we lifted tree branches to allow more light and rain. The Asphodelus albus plants are already well up, they are very pretty herbaceous perennials however they still look good amongst the grasses.

I do have a few plants ready to put in such as Ceris siliquastrum White Swan and a weeping yellow-leaved Beech. I am not sure where they will go.

The pine which was on the verge of falling we decided to take down in one fell swoop. The resulting gap gives us a new planting opportunity even though there was minimal damage to other plants. A stem of a multi-stemmed Sorbus came down as did the beautiful single-flowered red rose which had rambled through the Sorbus, the rose had to be chopped low but should shoot well. At the moment the plan is to plant just one or two bushy shrubs to fill the gap where you can see right through to the middle of the dingle. I have not yet thought about what to do in the space where the pine was standing, the stump is cut as a seat but until the wood is moved it isn’t easy to get an impression of the area, you could say that you can’t see the trees for the wood!

The snowdrops look great, when they are in the green I will be moving some as I do nearly every year. I usually leave the parsnips and carrots in the ground and dig them as we need them but some beastie has been nibbling them so I have dug them up along with all the yams. I still have mixed feelings about the yams, they are small and knobbly but do not need to be peeled, I think they would grow larger in lighter soil. They are nice in stir fry and pasta dishes when they are not cooked to soft but have a crunchy bite similar to water chestnuts.

We usually try to do something for charity as well as the National Garden scheme open days and this year we will be helping to raise funds for the Midland Air Ambulance, a very worthy cause. We will mostly be open by appointment but please do not let this put you off visiting and you are welcome to visit at short notice but this way I can plan my work time and jobs better.

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