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This Month January 2015 - Thursday, 01 Jan 2015

The team at Moors Meadow would like to wish you a very happy and healthy 2015.

The 25th December was an excellent day to be outside pruning, with bright sunshine and no wind. I was pleased to finish pruning a particularly awkward group of Roses and a Berberis then spent the rest of the day pulling thorns out of my hands even though I had been wearing two pairs of gloves. Some of the Roses were plants which sucker freely and needed restraining to their allotted area, they also had quite a lot of dead which needed removing. Another is Rosa sericea pteracantha (Maltese Cross Rose) which grows to about 10ft (3m), the sturdy stems have continuous large red triangular thorns which are very striking especially in certain lights. It can be a brute to prune but luckily it was very gentle with me on this day. Nearby is the delightful Daphne Jaqueline Postill which is blooming now and wafts of its sweet fragrance continually assailed me - beautiful.

I was thinking I had almost finished pruning all the roses but spent the following two days pruning some more around the edges of the Lower Garden, most of these are wild roses which I take some dead out of and restrain from drowning ornamental plants. Some grow as bushes whilst others ramble wantonly over and through the hedges.

There are few areas of the garden left to prune and I am hoping to finish it very soon, just a few days in the Lower Garden and a day or two in the Little Patch and just one Apple tree left to prune. Unfortunately I will not be able to just sit on my laurels as the Fernery needs work as does the Grass Garden.

New Years day and I am still out early pruning around the edges of the Lower Garden and still have the occasional Rose to sort out. You take a glance at an area and think that there isn’t much to do but it all takes longer than you think it will. In the Lower Garden there is not much sign of Snowdrops above ground but some of the Daffodils are in bud.

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