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This Month September 2015 - Monday, 31 Aug 2015

So it serves me right for having a holiday in summer I have to work twice as hard afterwards to catch up. I didn’t meet Vlad The Impaler but I saw a lot of beautiful wild flower meadows unlike in UK where they are almost gone, sadly this has also increased the loss of bees and other pollinating insects. There is a noticable decrease in butterflies and other insects this year.

In spite of the very dry weather most of the vegetables have cropped fairly well. We had a good crop of apricots and figs but not so many peaches. In the fruit cage I am taking out one of the blackcurrants as the fruit on that one are always small, and some of the gooseberries which get mildew. I am planting Gooseberry Invicta which should have better resistance to mildew.

The rain when it came was much needed, I could almost hear the plants drinking voraciously. I have started strimming the long grass and will hopefully finish it during September however there are a lot of jobs screaming for attention at the same time.

In our continual endeavour to find new plants we came across Rehmannia (Chinese Foxglove) which has bright pink flowers that look a bit like both Foxgloves and Snapdragons. I am not sure if they will be hardy but we decided to try them. We also have Laburnocytisus adamii which is a hybrid of Laburnum and Cytisus, it should have flowers of purple, salmon pink or bronze but may also have some yellow flowers. Some of the new herbaceous plants include Clematis heracleifolia which has small blue flowers and grows to about 3ft (1m) and Verbena rigida, a low growing plant with flowers similar to V. bonariensis.

It is time to start cutting the long grass of which I aim to do over a longer time span than usual to help reduce the chances of having to visit the osteopath. Thankfully the grass is getting less each year as the trees and shrubs grow and shade it out. I am also debating what I am going to prune heavily or remove completely over winter to regenerate the plants or allow for new planting.

We decided a new seat at the very bottom of the garden was required but I wanted something ‘organic’ as it in a small woodland area therefore it is a branch dug into the hillside below one of the Redwood trees. I must put my mind to another seat half way up the Lower Garden near the Acer area.

Taking a break on the veranda is a great place to watch the bird life, we regularly have a family of Goldfinches coming to the Lily pools. One day there was the usual chirping and boisterous behaviour from Blue Tits and Great Tits in a large Philadelphus and around the bird feeders when all of a sudden a Sparrow Hawk swooped in to the shrub. I didn’t see if it caught anything but in a blink of an eye all the small birds had gone and there was complete silence lasting for several minutes before they tentatively returned.

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