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This Month May 2016 - Friday, 01 Apr 2016

Marvellous May,  I do like this month in the garden with the profusion on plants bursting into flower from the delicate tiny woodlanders to the tall  mature trees.  So much to see, so much work to do and not enough time to sit back and enjoy.

My weekend of the 30th April and 1st May has included a variety of jobs from weeding to planting out new trees, shrubs and perennials, from moving plants seeded in the wrong places to picking nettle tops, from potting plants for sale to a little late pruning. Indoors whilst it was raining I bottled Oak Leaf wine and Pea Pod wine. Yes a whole 24 hours with no full demi-johns sitting in the kitchen but then the nettle tops picked earlier, along with water, sugar, ginger, yeast and lemons took their place to blup away for 3 months.

Some of the plants I moved were a few buckets full of Primula candelabra which had self seeded into the Fernery path, I moved these to the Jungle Garden, below the Tawny Pool which is quite dry and to an area under shrubs which is wet, Rabbits permitting they should do well there. Many visitors like to come when the candelabra are in flower as they make such a wonderful show in the Fernery.

I have decided that I have to use cages over more of the vegetables as the Pigeon numbers seem to have increased, it is a tad annoying having to do this but is better than loosing our pea and brassica crops to these pesky birds.

Let me tell you about a few of the new plants: Rhododendron Graziella is quite a low shrub, just over 3ft (1m), I bought it for the lovely shape and colour of the leaves. Viburnum lantana Aureum I bought for its golden/pink leaves. Libertia caerulescens, for its blue flowers, we have a white flowering Libertia which can be a little touchy in hard winters but still survived and in these milder winters it makes large clumps. The perennial, Claytonia sibirica Albiflora doesn’t mind shade, we already have the pink Claytonia in the shrubberies. I also bought Magnolia Genie which is said to be one of the most crimson variety with the flowers opening crimson as opposed to M. Susan whose buds are crimson but open to pink flowers. Mukgenia Nova Flame is a low perennial which should be happy in some shade, it is a cross between Mukdenia and Bergenia. This is just a small portion of the amount of new species we have been planting, to see more you could visit the garden.

We have started our month of raising money for the Midland Air Ambulance with the 1st visitors of the month having a stroll around the garden in the rain, I hope the weather improves and we get a lot of visitors in May to help in the fund raising. For the whole month of May we are only closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays, every other day you can visit between the hours of 11am and 5pm.

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