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This Month February 2018 - Thursday, 01 Feb 2018

The winter weather does increasingly more damage although once cleared away this damage is not obvious. A large multi-stemmed Sorbus came down but leaving enough plant that it should rejuvenate. A very old Damson tree in a hedge also came down but I had already planted two young Sorbus either side as I knew due to its venerable years it wouldn’t have too long left anyway. Each time I walked around the garden there was small branches to clear. Some of the tender shrubs which took a bit of battering I left to tidy during February when the worst of the winter is over.

The wet weather had me a bit stir crazy as I do like my daily fresh air however I do not find pleasure in working in inclement conditions.

We have been cracking on with the odd jobs such as replacing two bridges and renewing the steps from the Lower Garden to the shrubberies as well as raising the fence around the vegetable garden where we hadn’t already done it.

I am now feeling the urge to start planting out and hope last years injuries can cope with the spade work, oh well there’s only one way to find out! I cannot even remember what we have to plant and have the decision of where to put it. After the winter there are gaps but don’t think the plants in pots and necessarily the right ones for the spaces available. We did happen to be passing a small nursery and couldn’t resist just a few plants. Fatsia Spiders Web, Eranthis cilicica, an apricot-coloured Digitalis and a lovely Hellebore of the Credale type, I think I even know where I am going to plant them all.

The Bromyard seed swap was a successful event, I took many varieties of seeds from here and had no intention of bringing any back from other people but couldn’t resist a few such as black cherry tomatoes and multi-coloured Glass Gem Corn for the vegetable garden and only nine flowers to try in the herbaceous beds. It sounds quick and simple but adds to the workload as they will need planting in the greenhouse and potting-on before planting out. It was the first one held there and due to the favourable response I think it will be held again next year.

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