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This Month November 2017 - Tuesday, 31 Oct 2017

The autumn colours did not brighten on mass, possibly due to the warm weather. Individually some were very bright whilst at the same time some were still green and others had already lost their leaves. Lucky planting has one of the brightest Acers in view of the veranda which brightens up even the dullest of days and with it being in an area which is sheltered from the wind it holds its leaves a long time.

I am still working through herbaceous areas which is not so pleasant to the fingers as the temperatures drop however I would like to tidy some more before I move on to the pruning. Working around the lake marginal plants we found a large crack along a part of the edge of the lake which may be where the water is leaking away, we have puddled in some clay in the hope that the lake will now fill when we have rain. Unfortunately the annual rainfall is still very low compared to the usual average. Whilst in that area we folded the Gunnera leaves over onto the plants to protect them from frosts.

Digging up the potato crop certainly gives a workout to a, still iffy, elbow that has been dislocated, the first day I didn’t dig too many and was left in a fair bit of discomfort but subsequent days saw the elbow ease. The crops are good although it took a long time for the skins to set enough for storing. We are weeding all the empty vegetable beds and covering some with Symphytum (Comfrey) leaves and others with compost.

I am hoping that my elbow will soon be strong enough to do some planting out and move plants but there is a difference in digging up the potato crop in soft soil to digging holes in heavy soil never previously turned over.

If only I had my camera to hand I could have got some great action shots of a Stoat catching a young rabbit near the veranda, although we see Stoats around the garden that was the first time I have seen them in action.

I am still collecting seeds for the seed swap in the Conquest Theatre Bromyard on January 27th at 10.30 am, I have a big selection now. In my wanderings around the garden collecting them I notice how the plants are growing such as a group of Cordyline which seem to have shot up this year, when I planted them I was not sure if they would thrive or die in that area.

The garden now is open by appointment throughout the year and we are taking bookings for group visits although I am getting as many bookings to give talks at clubs own venues as we are getting for garden visits.

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