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This Month July 2017 - Friday, 30 Jun 2017

The gardening has recently become harder since I tripped over and dislocated my elbow which was very ouch. Unfortunately there is limited work that I am able to do therefore I am hoping we will get plenty of visitors through the summer so I can pay for help to keep it tended to my satisfaction.

I have been doing a little weeding in the veg garden and I also managed to pot on some plants but it is very frustrating not being able to get on with the work. Whilst I see several jobs to do the garden does not look any the worse for not getting my attention as long as I keep an eye on whether the paths are clear of overgrown plants.

I have planted out some Iris and Primula, luckily the soil was soft enough to use a spade one-handed, they increase the colour spectrum near the lily pools.

Whilst there is a lot of colour around the garden there is a lot of white which is very noticeable being on plants with massed flowers such as rambling Roses which may cover whole trees, the various Philadelphus and Deutzia and the amazing Cornus Norman Haddon which as well as being a valuable small garden tree in itself it is also in a good position to show off its finery to great effect.

We have just had our first Japanese coach group, a charming group of ladies who are all very keen on all things related to plants and gardens, it was a pleasure to meet them and to know that a group from Japan chose to visit our garden.

After the winter job of changing the fruit cage roof from soft netting to wire to stop the squirrels getting in we now have an abundance of soft fruit. I have eaten bowls and bowls of strawberries to the point that I was almost (but not quite) tempted to let a squirrel in. Not quite so many bowls of cherries but still a lot of these delicious fruit which have cropped very well this year.

I am hoping my recovery time will not be too long as I am anxious to be back to working but I am trying to be sensible and not push myself too soon and trying not to thing about all the catch-up work I will need to do in the Autumn.

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